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06 September 2017, written by Lianne Veldman

TBI is a group of companies that renew, organize and maintain the physical environment: houses, offices, schools, hospitals, roads, tunnels, bridges, locks, factories and maritime installations. Our work can be seen throughout the Netherlands, from modest initiatives to major, high-profile projects for public and private clients. TBI has five business clusters in the Engineering, Construction & Development, and Infrastructure markets in which its companies serve their clients with their own disciplines, work together and share their knowledge. The clusters are: Development, Housing, Non-residential, Engineering and Mobility.

Jong TBI was founded in 2015 and has the ambition to connect young professionals and to promote knowledge sharing for young, enthusiastic, ambitious, highly educated people within the TBI companies. By joining ICA, we hope to broaden this ambition; we hope to enlarge our members' network, to share experiences and knowledge externally and reduce the threshold to contact external companies.