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28 June 2017, written by Larissa Schippers

We are proudly looking back to some great and inspiring spring events! Of course there was the Design Thinking event at Accenture which learned us about a highly collaborative human-centered, playful, and iterative approach to problem seeking and problem solving. The "South Crowd" organized a Failtastic! event at Philips where we focused on the big question: how can we change the fear of failing into the growth mindset? We also flooded The Hague with Young Professionals to join the traditional May Match Month activities. Here, we broadened our network and learned about LinkedIn profiling and Blockchain. Spring ended with an inspiring Lean Masterclass at Tata Steel. Failed to catch one of these events and feeling curious? Check out and like the pictures on our Facebook (!/ICA.InterCompanyAssociation), or subscribe for one of or upcoming events on

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