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04 February 2018, written by Rinaldi Djohor

Hello fellow young professionals!

I am Rinaldi. Brands have always been my big passion, especially all those awesome brand marks and the interesting stories behind them, though it wasn't a natural thing for me to explore my interests in that direction. Many people enjoyed what they likely will call the ideal path to where they are now, knew very early on what they wanted and sustained that goal without any side-steps. My journey went a little different. Attended computer science school, followed by business school with the intention of becoming an investment banker. That is, until receiving the grades for the finance and investment classes, still passed all of them, but it wasn't going to impress anyone. Switched to the marketing specialisation, specifically creative marketing including brand design and storytelling, and never looked back since.

Currently a Supply Chain Project Officer at Philips Healthcare. Wait what? You just said ...?! Haha yes, hired based on my project and international experience, and some other things I'm sure. Nice challenging job, learning a whole lot about supply chain and operations, and how soft skills work at a global company in a heavily regulated industry. My main passion is still creative marketing, so I started Googling around. Found ICA, ended up at Lianne's doorstep (not literally because that would just be creepy), we got off very well, so here I am excited to help with Marcom.

Last December we had a meeting in Utrecht and reviewed the 2017 efforts. We wanted to see what worked and where we can improve. After a full afternoon, my Italian pasta is in there somewhere as well, we were able to come up with a high level strategy for 2018. Clear segments, targets, and focus areas that we think can be translated to a nice portfolio of different types of communication and events. Now the tough part starts, following up and making it into reality.

After several calls we decided to work on the social media activities first. For the coming time, my Kanban (to-do list) looks like this:

(right-click and open in new window to see a larger version)


If you are interested in social media and content, and like to help out, please let me know. It would be even better if you happen to live in the Eindhoven region, then we can have some work dinners. Afterall, what better way to work if there are food and drinks, right?!

So that's it about me actually. Looking forward to welcome you in active Marcom roles and start our journey for world domination (let's start with the Netherlands for now) ;-)


Best regards,