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15 November 2017, written by Larissa Schippers

Last week YES!Delft gave ICA some new insights into the world of start-ups. YES!Delft is one of the most successful incubators of the planet. At the moment they house 73 start-ups of which 88% will become a possible disruptive business.

These young professionals are working around the clock to make their dream become reality. Their primary focus of YES!Delft is hardware. So a pizza delivery app might by very successful but won’t be supported by the incubator in Delft. The reason these start-ups are able to survive is the strong selection, mentoring group and collaboration with other start-ups reacted under one roof. YES!Delft teaches the start-ups how to set up a business plan. After that they have a 10 week part-time program full of workshops, feedback from experts and personal mentors.

All and all a very exciting and successful journey for these start-ups at YES!Delft. As ICA we were thankful for the opportunity to see what it is all about.