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29 August 2017, written by Lianne Veldman

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Ever wondered what your posture conveys to others and to yourself when you are giving a presentation, talking to your colleague or pitching an idea to your boss? Well if you did: yes! And if you didn’t: let’s!

Jacqueline and Sophie, founders of Change Your Rhythm, want to take the time to let you get to know yourself a bit better. This time not just by talking about who you are, but by taking a closer look at you through non-verbal communication. The way your body moves during a presentation says a whole lot about the person that you are and the way that you impact others. It’s not just the words that you use that make for an interesting story, it’s also the way you deliver them.

Curious to find out what your message is? Intrigued to look closer at your body language? And wanting to know how to get your message across?

Decipher your posture with us and experience it!