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Young Professional of the Year - Kickoff

16 July 2019

16 July 2019 18:00-22:00
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30 June 2019

Young Professional of the Year is back for the 2019 edition!

This year we will have 3 sessions: the kickoff (this one), the presentations around September and the awardsession around November.

During the kickoff session we will introduce this years' topic in detail. To give you a sneak peak:

The government has a (fictional) funding available for a start-up in the area of sustainability. In order to get this funding, the start-up must be able to maximize their value in both their effort, as well as the profit. A business plan must be written and presented in such a way that it could be implemented by tomorrow.

The detailed plan and criteria will be announced during the event.



The jury will judge you on sustainable impact, feasibility, elaboration and collaboration

More detailed information on what to expect the coming months will be announced later.

This years' edition will be in teams from 3 - 5 persons. Subscription fee is € 250.- per team.

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Signing up is possible until June 30.