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Turn me on - The Future of Work & Life for Millennials

28 November 2019

28 November 2019 20:00-22:30
The Student Hotel Amsterdam City Wibautstraat 129, 1091 GL Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 3310 - School for Millennials Talkshow!

We can't deny that the climate is changing. Whether it is biological, technological or political, it is a period of change. In this little chaos, we are defining a new order. We, millennials happen to get raised and hit the market in the midst of it. But systems and education have not matured yet to teach us how to live in this change and to define this new order. How does the future of work & life for us millennials look like?

During this evening, founder of 3310 - School for Millennials Wing Yan Man, is going to host several speakers to share their knowledge on millennial topics she ought to find important. The topics vary from technical to social challenges, with questions such as “What is a healthy work life balance?” or “What is the value of a degree when you can study with Youtube?”. This night's topic will still be a surprise, so stay tuned!

- Please note this is an external event, further details can be read upon the website of School For Millenials;

- We as ICA have 5 tickets which we make available for free for our ICA members, so if you register here please do make sure that you can attend to avoid unused tickets.

- Registration for these 5 tickets for ICA members is only necessary through this event page, so not also through the page of School For Millenials. ICA participants will be informed over emails about the tickets