19 May 2021

The Young Professionals of the Year 2021 (2/3 events OFFLINE)

Start: 18:00

Finish: 21:30

Location: 2 out of 3 events OFFLINE! Location including borrel TBD

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We are excited to announce that our yearly battle "The Young Professionals of the Year 2021" (YPY) is coming up!

In cooperation with our partner Boertien Vergouwen Overduin we came up with a great plan for this series of events. During this battle, several teams will work on a challenging case which will stimulate positive change in our member organizations.

It is THE chance for young professionals to speak up and challenge our organizations on a particular topic. By driving change in your own organization, you can inspire other organizations to improve as well.

We wanted to give all members a voice in this, even those who cannot participate in the battle themselves.  As outcome of the survey we shared, a shortlist of topics has been created. The top 2 topics voted are:

1. Post COVID-19 way of working

2. People Planet Profit

The participating teams will decide on the final topic and the specifics of the case. We will contact the team leads with further information.

Event details

The dates for YPY are set as following:

  1. Final topic debate 5th of May (only team leads online)
  2. Kick-off 19th of May (online)
  3. Inspiration session 23rd of June (offline)
  4. Finals 14th of July (offline)

All the sessions will take place in the evening between 18:00 and 21:30. We will start with the first sessions online. According to the COVID-19 opening plan (13-4-2021 news), we will be able to move the last two events to an offline location.

We are very excited to get together again, and there will be plenty of time to catch-up and share a beer together. We will arrange a great location with a festive atmosphere to celebrate together!

The Benefits for participating teams

  • Drive change and make a positive impact in your organization (and inspire other organizations as well)
  • Receive coaching and inspiration sessions from our partner Boertien Vergouwen Overduin
  • Develop your teamwork & leadership skills
  • Expand your network 
  • Have fun with a group of ambitious young professionals 
  • Add a cool update to your CV & LinkedIn

Time investment

We expect that each participant will need to reserve approximately 2 hours per week to work on the case. The time investment will depend highly on the amount of team members, and the dedication and effort of the team. How you use your time as a team is completely up to you. You have until the finals (approximately 10 weeks) to develop your case.

Sign up

Each member company can sign up two teams of four to six persons each, including a team lead. The team lead will be our main point of contact, and is in charge of organizing the team (meetings) internally.

The team leads can sign up their team via their internal ICA Ambassador. The ICA ambassadors can sign up the teams by mailing to go@ica.nl. Reach out to your young professional board if you do not know who your internal ICA Ambassador is.

Do you want to lead your team in the battle for “The Young Professionals of 2021” title? Step up and find your ambitious partners!

The deadline for team registrations will be the 30th of April.

We can't wait to find out which team will call themselves THE young professionals of 2021!


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