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The challenge of change

08 April 2021

08 April 2021 16:30-17:30

The challenge of change – a session on Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion

Marguerite will discuss leadership and the importance of diversity and inclusion. 

What leadership requirements are of utmost importance in current times of change?  

Why is it crucial to have diversity in thought and opinion? 

How can you ensure diversity and inclusion are consistently laid down and executed in a company’s strategy?”


Who is Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen?

Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen is chairman of the executive board of Aon Holdings and Chief Marketing Officer of Aon Inpoint, but also chairman of SER Topvrouwen (, an organization that was founded in 2016 to improve the flow of women to the top bodies of the Dutch business community. SER Topvrouwen is turning things upside down. In recent years, the foundation has revived the subject of gender diversity with a lot of panache and is now doing so in partnership with the Social Economic Council SER. Together we make it clear that diversity - which means that the top of the company is a reflection of the company as a whole and of society - offers corporate Netherlands enormous opportunities. The myth that there are far too few highly qualified women who can strengthen boards was persistent in the Netherlands for a long time. That myth has now been shattered by the power of numbers, thanks to the well-known database of SER Topvrouwen, in which highly qualified, board-ready women can register to show that they are there. The fact that this database now contains more than 2,500 profiles - and counting - speaks volumes.”