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Sustainability in the Palm Oil Industry

09 May 2019

09 May 2019 17:00-20:30
Cargill, Evert van de Beekstraat 378, 1118 CZ Schiphol
8 (maximum of 20)
closing registration
06 May 2019

This event is provided to you by ICA in collaboration with Cargill


Cargill, a family owned company, is one of the leaders of the global agricultural commodities sector; through origination, processing, marketing, risk management and distribution of ingredients such as palm oil.

In 2014, Cargill published its palm sustainability policy, outlining its commitments to the principles of: no deforestation of HCS (High Carbon Stock) and HCV (High Conservation Values), no development of peat regardless, and no exploitation of people. Cargill is firmly committed to a 100% traceable, transparent and sustainable supply chain by 2020. Since then, Cargill has actively worked on transforming the palm supply chain through the mapping of the risks, strong engagement programs with farmers and sector collaboration and partnership, leveraging more than 15 years of experience within our own plantation in Indonesia.

While we are encouraged by the progress made by the industry in general, a lot has still to happen in order to meet the 2020 commitments and source palm oil responsibly. Together, with you as participants, we would like to engage in a discussion about the challenges the industry will face to reach this goal, such as sourcing non-compliant oil or running factories at a lower capacity causing important financial loss.

Lead by the Cargill Global Sustainability Lead for tropical oils, you will debate against other Young Professionals regarding what is the best way forward for the industry. Each of you will represent (in a team) one of the stakeholders (Smallholders, NGO, Government, big plantation owner, Trader, brand…), and defends its position while bringing solutions to the group. And of course the best team will be rewarded!


To come fully prepared for the workshop and related discussion about the topic ‘Sustainability in the Palm Oil Industry’, approximately 1-2 weeks before the workshop you will be informed of the pre-work you will be required to do. The pre-work will consist of doing some research into the standings of the different stakeholders in the industry. The information which will be sent to you will provide some guidelines therefor. This will really give an added value for the discussion during the event itself, so make sure you come prepared :-) .

On the day itself; before the workshop starts, you will be provided with a meal starting at 17:00. At 18:00 we will start the workshop. Afterwards from around 19:30 there will be some drinks available to get to know the participants even better and continue the discussion about sustainability. The workshop will be fully in English. The location is easily reachable by public transport (15min walk from Schiphol airport) and by car (parking spaces available in the parking garage below the Cargill office).

Program on Thursday 9th of May;

17:00-18:00: walk-in and dinner

18:00-19:30; Workshop “Sustainability in the Palm Oil Industry”

19:30-20:30; Drinks