23 July 2021

ICA Borrel: Summer '21 Edition!

Start: 18:00

Finish: 20:00

Location: De Utrechter Stadsbrasserie en Bar

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// Sun is shining and weather is sweet //

 // M vaccinated (hopefully) and Corona is gone //

 // Can't wait to meet my ICA colleagues face to face //

// Let's have a borrel to celebrate this freedom! //

ICA has always been popular among the young professionals for its networking events. For the last 1.5 years, we had to do all of our events online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With the government easing the regulations, we hope to finally organize a medium scale (~50 persons) networking event in July 2021.

More borrels to come

ICA is planning to organize 2-3 more borrels this year, spread around major cities of Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Den Haag and Rotterdam. So if you are not able to sign up for this one, don't worry we will make sure that you will get a chance in the next one(s).



The event will have a small formal part followed by the informal networking session. Here is the tentative agenda:

18:00: Welcome to the cafe

18.15: Introduction of the currrent board of ICA (2021-22)

18.30: Farewell ceremony for the previous ICA board (2020-21)

18.45: Open mic for the audience 

19.00: Informal networking drinks

20.00: Closing (after-party can be planned outside the cafe)


The event will take place in De Utrechter Stadsbrasserie en Bar, located at a walking distance from Utrecht Centraal.

The address is: Vredenburg 40, 3511 BD Utrecht

Hosting events with ICA

If you would like to host a networking event for ICA at your company, please reach out to the Events Manager ICA at activities@nl. 


Pavan Raj

Events Manager

  +31625755539   activities@ica.nl


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