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Speech like Obama

20 June 2019

20 June 2019 18:00-20:30
Headquarters of Thales Group (NL), Zuidelijke Havenweg 40, Hengelo

This event is provided to you by ICA in collaboration with the Thales Group.

Presenting yourself and your ideas is becoming more and more important for us as professionals. Therefor we would like to invite you to this event where Lars Duursma, former campaigner of Barack Obama between 2008 and 2012, will give you insights and tools to increase your presentation skills. Lars Duursma is currently coaching CEO’s, heads of government and TED-speakers among the world. During this event he will give us inspiration and present you a lot of tips and tricks for future presentations.

Before the workshop starts, you will be provided with a good meal starting at 18h00. At 19h00 we will start with the workshop. After the workshop around 20h30, there will be some drinks available where we can process our gained inspiration. The workshop will be fully in English. For the people who are coming by car, there are parking places available at the parking of Thales.

You will return home with a pocket full of new approaches to give your speech the Obama persuasion and receive such great applauses as he still gets. We hope that you are just as excited about this event as we are and feel the drive to join us!

Optional: Are you interested in the Naval Market and you would like to know what Thales Netherlands is working on? Before the workshop “Speech like Obama” there is an interesting tour from 16h00 till 18h00. At the Thales Hengelo radar technology is being developed and radars are produced for Navy’s all over the world. You have the possibility to visit the site in a guided tour for two hours: get surprised, get amazed and of course, answer all your questions.

(Please be aware that due of Government Regulations, pre authorization needs to be granted by Thales Security. For joining the tour, please contact Thales by sending a mail to This is not necessary for the normal program.)

16h00-18h00: Tour by Thales Group (to join this tour, please send a mail to;
18h00-19h00: Dinner
19h00-20h30: Workshop “Speech like Obama”
20h30-22h00: Drinks