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Public Speaking Masterclass + Pub Quiz

30 April 2021

30 April 2021 14:00-16:00

Are you looking for an efficient online session to learn the essentials of public speaking?

During this Masterclass you will gain tips and tricks in how to:

(i) prepare your story,

(ii) start a presentation,

(iii) design your slides,

(iv) speak powerfully, 

(v) respond to challenging questions.

The Masterclass will consist of lessons shared by public speaking expert Deniz Canpolat, but will also have an interactive character. You will be engaged by participating in online voting and maybe you will even have the opportunity to participate during an exercise.

Additionally, in the second half of the Masterclass you will do a Public Speaking Pub Quiz. This Pub Quiz will test your public speaking knowledge and provide you with new insight for your future (online) presentations. Sign up for this Masterclass if you are interested in having fun and improving your public speaking skills.

Who is Deniz Canpolat?

Throughout his life Deniz has always been passionate about public speaking. He has developed his public speaking skills by being a member of the Erasmus debating society (Rotterdam) and the community Toastmasters International (Frankfurt), but mostly by taking every career opportunity to present and evaluate his performance. As he was increasingly asked by professionals to coach them on their presentation skills, he founded two years ago his company Obloma as a certified public speaking coach. Meanwhile, Deniz has coached and provided all kinds of workshops to many different clients with a focus on finance, law, and start-up/entrepreneurial professionals. His client focus is explained by his 8-years-experience within the ING Bank, where Deniz is still responsible for providing financing to private equity investors active in the M&A market. Due to his experience as young professional, he is able to provide the ICA-members with valuable insights on how to powerfully present within the corporate world.