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Post Corona Scenarios

09 July 2020

09 July 2020 20:00-21:00

Before Corona global trade, connectivity tools and tourism wired the world, which made our planet interconnected in many ways. This has driven a lot of economic growth. But how will the world look like after Corona? Will there be a stronger and kinder society? 

Two cycles will be discussed. How to define the future of technology powered by AI? The crisis has propelled new technology across all aspects of Asian life, from disinfecting drones, talking robots, and AI that can scan thousands of medical images in a flash. Secondly: will we be moving from globalization to regionalization? The pandemic has exposed the world’s risky dependence on vulnerable nodes in global supply chains. We could see a massive restructuring as production and sourcing move closer to end users and companies localize or regionalize their supply chains. What is to expect?

This lecture is given by Haroon Sheikh, a senior research fellow at the WRR and a philosopher at the VU.

This lecture is offered by College Club:

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