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OlympICA [postponed]

08 August 2020

08 August 2020 12:00-23:59
Kampong, Laan van Maarschalkerweerd 14, 3585 LJ Utrecht



Do you want to work with your colleagues on teambuilding and your fitness? And are you all eager to participate in a sporting (and especially fun) challenge?

This year ICA Young Professionals will again represent their organization by competing on the sports field. Meet the leaders of the future of and win the title of 'sportiest business youth association' in the Netherlands.

We will start the day with a lunch and after the sports tournament end the day with a BBQ & big party in the clubhouse. You don't want to miss this! 

12.00-12.45: walk-in, changing clothes, registration and lunch
12.45-13.00: warm-up
13.00-18.00: sports tournament
18.00-19.00: BBQ
19.00-00.00: closing party

This year we host it again at Kampong, in Utrecht. It is possible to subscribe teams in the field hockey and soccer tournaments. 

Pay attention! There should be at least 2 ladies/men in each team that consists of 7 - 10 persons in total. Each team needs to have 1 person who can be a referee during matches of other teams