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Virtual OlympICA 2020

10 December 2020

10 December 2020 19:00-21:00

I am sure all of you are familar about ICA's flagship event OlympICA that normally happens in the summer every year. It is a multicompany outdoor event, where companies compete against each other in various sports such as football, hockey, etc. Due to COVID-19 restrictions on outdoor activities, OlympICA will take up a completely different form this year. At the comfort of your home, you along with your team-members will battle against other teams in solving interesting puzzles in an online platform. The team that completes the most number of puzzles correctly in the alloted time (75min) wins the OlympICA 2020 trophy. 

Just like the original OlympICA, you will form a team of 4-5 members from your own company. The onus will be on how well you can work as a team when each member is located at different places (their homes). Team building attributes such as communication, creativity and competitive spirit will be crucial in scoring the maximum points.  Do you think you and your company has got these ingredients to be the champions of 2020?  Contact the ICA ambassador of your company before 30 Nov 2020 to register your team. If you do not know who your company's ICA Ambassador is, contact ICA's Special Events Manager Remco van Gurp at

Amazing prizes are to be won for companies that finish at 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place in this competition! 

This event will be organized in collaboration with our partner The Box Company.  With this Remote Team Building Experience, The Box Company wants to offer companies a team building activity where cooperation and bringing colleagues together are the primary aspects. Fun, competition and challenge are also very important values here.

Remote Team Building Experience
The Remote Team Building Experience is played in a team of up to five people. Each participant plays from his or her own workplace. The aim of the game is that you and your team can solve a large number of assignments in time in order to achieve as many points as possible! During this activity, participants must contact each other. This can be done via various platforms such as Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom or via an internal communication system. It is important that the participants are continuously connected during the game, because you will need each other to solve everything!