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I actually miss the office!

25 March 2021

25 March 2021 16:30-18:00

The pandemic has forced us to work from home for almost an year now. For most of us, we have to not been able to go to the office or meet our colleagues face-to-face. So, it would be a nice moment to catch up with your colleagues and young professionals from other ICA companies and reflect on this period.

What are we going to do: The I actually miss the office meeting is specifically designed to connect people who haven't been able to physically come together due to Covid. The meeting consists of two main parts; a conversation and a team-challenge.

Part 1 is all about having a good conversation with each other. All participants receive a link with several questions you can ask each other. One person starts, the next answers and this person then asks one of their questions to someone else.

In part 2 of the meeting you’ll participate in a team challenge. The cards contain clues to help you recover the password to a webpage. All your teammates have a piece of the puzzle. We know you can do this, but the trick is to do it within 15 minutes. 

How does it work: Before the event you will be e-mailed your personal gaming materials, consisting of surprising questions and clues for the team challenge. You need these materials during the game. In your break-out group you'll  have a good conversation with each other using your set of fun and surprising questions. After that it's time to find the code to an online puzzle using your clues. Will you be the fastest team? We'll finish the afternoon together in the plenary meeting.

This event will be organized by ICA in collaboration with our events partner Ondernemende Gasten.

Agenda of the program

16.30: Welcome by ICA

16.40: Introduction of game by Ondernemende Gasten

16.45: I actually miss the office game in break-outs

17.50: Plenary closing of the event

18.00: The end

About Ondernemende Gasten

'Ondernemende Gasten' helps organisations to connect, activate and develop their employees. Using serious games, development programs, specialized training, events and communication content. Both virtual and offline. The result: proud employees who feel connected to each other, who continue to grow and who get moving for the goals of their organisation.