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Meet the Leaders 2020

07 October 2020

07 October 2020 17:30-21:30
a.s.r. Verzekeringen in Utrecht
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07 October 2020

Meet the Leaders, as the name already reveals, is an event all about leadership. During this event you will meet about 15 leaders from all different types of expertise and industries.  It consists of two rounds.

The first round will be a round table conversation with several leaders, hosted by BVO. The questions they prepare will provoke some interesting conversations about leadership and vitality. 

In the second round the leaders will be divided among small groups of participants. Now, the questioning is up to you. “Did you always plan on becoming a leader, at what point in your carrier did you think this is it (or this is not it), is there anything you would have done differently looking back on your career?”. These are just a few questions the leaders will be happy to answer.

The process of registration and when registration opens will be announced later!


Leaders will share their expertises and experiences with you to encourage and coach you to take steps in your own leadership. Leaders will also talk about their development and which steps they made to come where they are today. Which obstacles do they had to overcome and which dreams have led them? How do they lead such big organisations and how do they make sure the employees and organisation stay vital?

You can discuss your ambitions and dreams, your leadership and vitality and the dilemmas you expect to encounter in your career as a young professional and future leader. This all happens under the guidance of the trainers of Boertien Vergouwen Overduin (BVO).


Please make sure that when attending our events pictures and/or movies can be taken which we might use on our social media platforms. If you don’t want to be on pictures and/or movies please let us know in advance via


Please consider your own health and that of others when visiting our events. If you have been to a risk area where the Corona-virus is or has been present or have been in contact with someone who visited a risk area or has the Corona-virus, please (re)consider if you want to visit this event.