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Meet the Company: Capgemini

17 March 2021

17 March 2021 12:30-13:00

Meet the company series is a series of lunch lectures organised by Inter Company Association in collaboration with its partner companies. ICA consists of 50 top employers of the country with different industry backgrounds ranging from insurance to aerospace sector. The technologies and working methods used by each company may be therefore different. But quite often companies can learn from each other, especially in these digital times, when everyone is forced to work remotely.

The second episode of the Lunch Lecture series will be presented by Capgemini on 17th Mar 2021. 

Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability is an important topic within Capgemini. Many sustainability initiatives are being set up for Capgemini and a shifting towards her customers is being made. In this lunch lecture, you will get to familiarise with the sustainability project Circle solution carried out by Evelien Hak at Capgemini and what the impact this project has on the society.


If your company is interested in presenting a lunch lecture on an interesting topic, please send an email to with your proposal (date, topic, presenter information). Also, we would like to receive feedback from the participants regarding the timing (lunch-time), length (<30 min) and relevance of the topics to young professionals!


The Circle solution – Reuse of clothing using Artificial Intelligence

Currently, collectors in the Netherlands do not have the capacity to sort all the supply of second-hand clothing and the majority is sold in bulk and shipped abroad. In addition, the quality of clothing is decreasing, so a smaller amount of the clothing collected is suitable for reuse.

To counter this, Capgemini has partnered with HP, Intel, and Eon to develop an automated scanning system called “Circle.” The Circle solution is a solution that can recognize, sort, and qualify clothing by using artificial intelligence. Based on the type of garment, the season, the quality, the condition, etc. Circle can then provide a price advice.

All this ensures that sorting capacity can be increased substantially, the average life of clothing is considerably extended and less clothing has to be thrown away unnecessarily. Since every kilo of clothing that is reused saves 3.4 kilos of CO2, the potential savings are enormous.


12:30 - Check-in 
13:05 - Presentation by Evelien Hak (Consultant | Data, Analytics & AI | Retail) 
13:20 - Q&A 
13:30 - End of session