10 September 2021

Lunch Learners: Nonviolent Commu -nication

Start: 12:00

Finish: 13:00

Location: Online

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ICA & Lunch Learners presents: Lunch & Learn with ‘Nonviolent communications by Marshal D. Rosenberg’.


Nonviolent communication by Marshal D. Rosenberg is useful for the daily communication with others. He manages to lay out, in astonishing simplicity, an entire theory of communication in an incredibly practical form. Rosenberg’s book sets out concrete steps for transforming your language that you can begin to practice immediately to great effect. He explains the importance of changing the ways in which language and thinking are connected for us.

In this presentation it will be clear how communicating nonviolently improves your life in a formal and informal setting. You will learn a step-by-step method to handle discussions and possibly facilitate discussions, where both parties are clearly heard.


Rita Stefanuto

  0611567254   rita.stefanuto@aon.nl


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