10 December 2021

Lunch Learners: Factfulness

Start: 12:00

Finish: 13:00

Location: Online

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ICA & Lunch Learners presents: Factfulness by Hans Rosling


Our instincts have not changed much since the time we were hunter-gatherers, but our societies have. How does our nature influence our perception of the world? Factfulness by Hans Rosling presents 10 reasons most of us have a wrong image of our world, and provides ways to work around these biases to gain a more factful world image – which will probably be more positive in general!

This presentation will give you these tools in order to start looking at the world in a more factful manner: aware of your biases but equipped with the knowledge to identify and overcome them.


Rita Stefanuto

  0611567254   rita.stefanuto@aon.nl


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