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Lunch & Learn: 'Thinking, Fast and Slow'

04 June 2021

04 June 2021 12:00-13:00

ICA & LunchLearners present: Lunch & Learn: Thinking, fast and slow!

Sit back, enjoy your lunch and.. Thinking, fast and slow! During this 1 hour session, Lunch Learners will give you an interactive and hands-on presentation of the book Thinking, fast and slow. In this presentation it will be clear how the impact of overconfidence in business strategies, the difficulty of predicting what will make us happy in the future and the profound effect of cognitive biases can be understood by knowing how the two systems shape our judgements and decisions.

Daniel Kahneman explains in this book the two systems that drive the way we think. System 1 is fast, intuitive, emotional and most importantly it is often wrong; System 2 is slower, more deliberative, more analytic and can get the right answer. But this system is very lazy and loves to take shortcuts, and hand things back to the quick system.

So register now, and learn! (while enjoying your lunch ;-) )

In case you have read this book already, feel free to revisit & refresh its learnings through this interactive event

Note that the actual book itself will not be provided, and also won't be needed for this event.


12:00-12:10 walk-in (virtual)

12:10-12:15 welcome & introduction

12:15-13:00 Interactive Presentation of the Book Thinking, fast & slow

Date: 4th of June 2021, 12.00-13.00

Location: online; link to the event itself will be shared closer to date with registered participants

Language: the event will be completely in English

Please do note that we do expect you to attend the event if you register; given the limited amount of slots and to also optimise the experience for other participants as well as our presenters