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Lost in Space: An Online Escape Room

24 June 2021

24 June 2021 16:30-18:00

Play the thrilling virtual escape room 'Lost in Space' with your fellow ICA-members. To get to know each other, have an energetic ending to the day and most of all see if you can beat the other ICA-astronauts.

Lost in Space is an online escape room where you and your crewmembers find yourselves lost in space. A gigantic explosion in space led to a disconnection with your spaceship SpaceY. You have been out in space for many Earth-days and your ship is running out of fuel. No one knows where you are, when you are, or if you still are at all! Together in your tin can you only have 55 minutes to land your ship and get back safely to your family and friends on Earth. You'll have to use every inch of your puzzle and online collaboration skills to return to earth safely before your fuel runs out.

To prepare yourself for your mission, you can listen to this song and install your favorite Zoom background. Check this Google drive for some background options and choose your favourite. 

This event is organised by ICA in collaboration with its events partner Ondernemende Gasten.


Agenda of the program

16.30: Welcome by ICA

16.40: Introduction of game by Ondernemende Gasten

16.45: Lost in Space: the mission begins 

17.45: Plenary closing with winner's announcement

18.00: The end

About Ondernemende Gasten

'Ondernemende Gasten' helps organisations to connect, activate and develop their employees. Using serious games, development programs, specialized training, events and communication content. Both virtual and offline. The result: proud employees who feel connected to each other, who continue to grow and who get moving for the goals of their organisation.