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ICA YPY - Kickoff

04 December 2019

04 December 2019 18:00-22:00
Achmea, Handelsweg 2, 3707 NH Zeist

YPY 2019-2020 is about to happen! Which team will can call themselves thé Young Professionals of the Year? 

In cooperation with our partner Boertien Vergouwen Overduin we are happy to announce that we came up with a great plan for this series of events. So what do we have in stock you ask? Each member company can sign up two teams of four to six persons each, these teams will compete by working on a case, and not a fictional one...

As we want to get the best out of the teams we are going to work on a real case. A case that will not end up on a dusty shelf but one that will be realized. This years' theme will be sustainability. The exact topic will depend on the case that will be chosen by you, the YPY teams.

We set up three sessions for this years' edition:

  • Wednesday, December 4: kick-off session
  • Thursday, February 6: networking, socializing and knowledge session
  • Thursday, April 2: award session

And then, on April 2, we will know who to call the Young Professionals of the Year!

In preparation to the kick-off session we will send out the list of cases halfway November. You can vote, via your ICA ambassador, which five cases will go on for the kick-off session. 

During the kick-off session the cases will be presented and a knock-out race will initiated. The evening is split up in sessions, each session ends with a voting and it is up to you to decide which cases will pass to the next round. Be bold and sharp as a knife to ask the most complicated questions to the case owners. At the end one case remains, the YPY case!

The kick-off will be held at one of our member companies, just outside of Utrecht. Exact details will follow soon.

To join YPY, please reach out to your ICA Ambassador.