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Human Longevity: Future of life

14 April 2021

14 April 2021 17:00-18:05

Future researcher Jeanneke Scholtens will take you into the world of life extension and system change. After a substantive introduction, we think together about the consequences of a longer life for living, working, the economy and demography





Trend reading and trend session

Towards radical life extension. Longevity. That's what this inspiring trend lecture is about. Everything is feasible, from IVF to 3D printed organs, from nanotechnology to the latest medicines. We renew and repair, design and create. Life is malleable and we like to make our lives as long, happy and healthy as possible. Or not? What does the corona virus do with our life expectancy? And what do senolytics, anti-aging drugs mean? Do we want to get older? And what does an increasingly longer life mean? For you, me, your company and society? For how we organize our lives, for how we live, take out insurance and view our relationships?