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Holy Sh*t Show

24 October 2019

24 October 2019 20:00-21:30
The Student Hotel Amsterdam City Wibautstraat 129, 1091 GL Amsterdam, Netherlands

“How to make the perfect choice in life?"

Taking a job just for the money or do what you love? The pursuit to find the perfect career that fulfills all your desires can be confusing. What if you can't find your passion or can't agree upon a 4 hour work week? Whether you’re a graduate or starting your 10th job, the feeling of ‘Is this it?’ haunts us. Before you know it, everybody has moved one while you're stuck in a sea of endless, paralyzing choices. Or worse, because you end up with the 9 to 5 life waiting to retire just like your parents! Holy sh*t!

To prevent your life from becoming the sh*t show you fear of, join our quest in the land of why-so-many-types-of milk and money! During this show you will go on a journey to your perfect, happy life, your Holy Grail. And this expedition is going to be rocky... What do you do when you don't know what happiness means to you? Or when life just gets in the way? All the while being haunted by your parental, societal and online demons... We will guide you through the obstacles you will face in life and teach you how to deal with these. Come to the Holy Sh*t Show and let us guide you in finding your Holy Grail on the job market!

This 3310 show is created with spiritual caretaker and founder of Icarus Festival Simeon Karsten of Vitamine Z. Having performed this show for hundreds of students, young professionals and even Baby Boomers, they are ready to hit the stage at The Student Hotel.

- Please note this is an external event, further details can be read upon the website of School For Millenials;

- We as ICA have 5 tickets which we make available for free for our ICA members, so if you register here please do make sure that you can attend to avoid unused tickets.

- Registration for these 5 tickets for ICA members is only necessary through this event page, so not also through the page of School For Millenials. ICA participants will be informed over emails about the tickets