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General Members Assembly

12 February 2020

12 February 2020 17:00-22:00
Leaseplan Digital, Johan Huizingalaan 400, 1066 JS Amsterdam

As every year, the ICA board went away for a weekend in November. It was a weekend full of meetings, discussions and of course bonding among the board. We evaluated 2019 and discussed on improvements topics for coming year. We'd like to present these topics to you during our annual GMA. 

What's the GMA again?

Our General Member Assembly is our yearly recurring event in the beginning of the year where we present our plans for the year, we officially state new board members and we vote on several topics. Every company has one appointed ambassador, (s)he ia allowed to cast a vote to our suggested board appointments, financial statements & allocations and plans for the coming year. 

What will be presented?

We're not giving away everything, but some of the topics we'd like to discuss are:

- Budget allocations 2020

- New proposed board 2020

- Possible ICA app

- New ICA Companies



Who should join?

Although officially only the ambassadors are allowed to vote, we encourage you to bring 2 colleagues from your young board if possible. That way each company will be well presented, which gives you all the opportunity to connect with other young boards. 


What is the program?

As mentioned, we're not giving away the topics just yet, but you can find the agenda below:

17:00-18:30 Socializing & dinner
18:30-20:30 ICA General Members Assembly
20:30-22:00 Drinks