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Digital Innovation and Future Trends

23 October 2019

23 October 2019 17:30-22:00
Capgemini, Reykjavikplein 1, 3543 KA Utrecht
126 (maximum of 200)
closing registration
21 October 2019

Digitalization is happening everywhere. Companies are transforming themselves to keep up with the latest innovative trends. How do these companies do that and what are the latest trends?

The evening will start with a round table with Frank Wammes (CTO Application Services Europe), Vincent Fokke (CTO Capgemini Financial Services Benelux) and Menno van Doorn (director VINT Research Institute - Sogeti) on the Future of Work. After that you can pick from 6 different topics, each from a different part and view of the digital transformation with different speakers.

The program is as follows:

17:30 – 18:30 : Walk-in + Dinner

18:30 – 19:00: Round table session

19:00 – 21:00: Breakout sessions

21:00 – 22:00: Recap + Drinks

You’ll be able to sign up for 3 out of the following topics:

Cloud&Clear, the next generation with Capgemini Cloud Platform

From Microsoft Azure to the Alibaba Cloud, there’s so many different Cloud solutions to choose. But why choose, when you can have the best of all worlds in one tool? Come and see how Capgemini innovates!

Make IT smart

Did you ever want to automate something in your house like your lights? Or ever wanted make a cool gadget for yourself? Now is your chance! Learn how to use a microcontroller to make something more smart and fun with technical stuff.

You’ve been hacked!

Do you know what it is like to be hacked? During one of our interactive sessions we will show you the possibilities of our smart hackers to obtain your information. Be there!

Open Banking, what’s in it for you? 

The banking sector is changing rapidly. Find out how the banking industry is trying to keep up in moving towards the digital era!

How to solve your organization's biggest challenges with Lego

Find out what Lego and crayons can rewire CxO's and solve their wicked problems from new and inventive perspectives. Sign up now and get to know our Accelerated Solution Environment (ASE).

Helping farmers in Kenya with AI

FARM is the data-platform created by Capgemini together with IBM and Agrics. By utilizing several sources (geographic, weather, satellite, and local images), millions of small farmers can be provided with data-driven advice to ensure a loan. This platform has already been awarded with a spot in the European final of the IBM Watson Build competition. Register to hear the full story and possibility of this initiative!

What to do with Chatbots?

Technology should adopt us and should be able to connect with us in a natural and friendly way. Conversational solutions are a great tool to serve this goal. They are able to speak, see and understand like we do. Chatbots and voicebots are a great step forward to an environment where technology is able to adopt our behaviour isntead of the other way around.