07 December 2021

Breakfast Webinar on Diversity & Inclusion

In cooperation with ICA

Start: 08:00

Finish: 09:00

Location: Online

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For the foreseeable future, ESG - including Diversity & Inclusion - is one of the most pressing topics in current boardrooms. What will this mean 10 to 15 years from now? 

During this webinar, hosted by AmCham in collaboration with Aon, six prominent guests in the field of Diversity & Inclusion will discuss and look ahead at the future of this very important matter. 


- Petri Hofste

- Janine Vos

- Pr. Halleh Ghorashi

- Nebahat Albayrak

- Germain Henriquez

- Marguerite Soeteman - Reijnen


Rita Stefanuto

  0611567254   rita.stefanuto@aon.nl


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