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Boost your Personal Leadership!

11 September 2019

11 September 2019 17:30-21:30
Dura Vermeer, Taurusavenue 100, Hoofddorp

Hello Next Generation Leader! What difference are you making today?

We truly believe that every young professional desires to create and make an impact. Being a witness to the impact that you make, makes you feel happy and successful.  At the same time, we see that many young professionals:

  1. are still in search of what they want and who they are
  2. have sky high expectations of themselves and their environment
  3. and deal with the stress of making difficult choices.

These three elements combined are what we refer to as the “Bermuda Triangle”; a place where you run the risk of losing your way, and -without a compass- being blown way off-course. So let’s get you more on track than ever before, to overcome your barriers and create impact!

In this interactive workshop, you will bring your personal leadership to the next level by:

  • Identifying the impact you make on your (work) environment, what motivates you, and how this can help you to make the right choices
  • Gaining insight into the influence your (work) environment has on your life, and how you can turn this into your advantage
  • Engage with your peers about the barriers you as a young professional face, while reaching for your goals

Register now and boost your personal leadership!

This workshop is organized by ICA in cooperation with Jong Dura Vermeer, and lead by Dana Wildeman and Nienke den Os, coaches of Authentiek Leiderschap


  • 17:30-18:30: welcome + dinner
  • 18:30-21:30 interactive workshop Boost your Personal Leadership (including a break halfway)
  • 21:30-22:00 drinks

Details / practical information:

  • Location: Dura Vermeer, Taurusavenue 100, Hoofddorp
  • The workshop will be fully in English, and includes dinner and drinks.
  • Members of Dura Vermeer: kindly register internally through Jong Dura Vermeer.
  • Parking is possible at the location itself, and otherwise at the adjacent P+R location
  • halfway through the workshop there will be a break