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The future of work is tomorrow

26 May 2020

26 May 2020 16:30-18:00

We invite you for the workshop The future of work is tomorrow.

We are living in dynamic times. That’s actually not new, but the Corona crisis has shown us how extreme dynamic can be. And the organization structures we use are not ready for such a world.

You might have read about future organization structure like “Holacracy”, “self-organizing teams”, “the spotify model”. The agile or responsive organization might sound really If this still feels exotic its time to get to know the future.

Because it might be nearer than we expect. The Corona crisis has completely changed about how we work together. How can we keep the benefits from this “working-from-home” crisis? And not get back to our old work when we are allowed to.

In this workshop we will together explore the disruption to how we think about work. How we make decisions, take ownership, feel autonomy, and re-think organization structures. As a small example the Targets and budgets set for 2020 are all obsolete, how can we change it for the good? Get ready to be inspired about what the future of work can look like and participate in this new movement!

This workshop is together with OrganizationBuilders. A leading consultancy on the future of work. Check their website for more inspiration, for example the case on (case in dutch, this event is English).

The session will be held on Zoom or Teams, the links to the workshop will be sent prior to the workshop. The session consists of a plenary presentation with an active discussion afterwards. Total duration is 1.5 hrs.