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Working together to build the Netherlands #2

31 August 2020

31 August 2020 09:00-09:00

This event provides an opportunity to contribute in defining a (new) future for our country in a unique learning and networking experience with fellow ICA members, trainers and coaches from DOON and a large national public-private partnership of NL20-25.

Throughout the whole process you and your team will be guided by the coaches from DOON to get the ultimate learning experience.

The three best teams will receive an invitation for a closing event held on October 27, where you get to meet with inspirational promoters of NL2025;

The first groups will be formed in the first kick-off session (held on August 17, and the second round of groups will be formed on August 31:

You will be grouped in teams along three major themes: [1] excellent education, [2] sustainable growth and [3] vigorous society and will be asked to share your ideas/knowledge and together come up with a new, and practical idea for improvement.

In a time span of six weeks you and the team will be working on the project (on average you will spend 2-3 hours per week on the project).

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the introductory and coaching sessions will be held offline, but we aim to hold the pitch session plenary.  

See the interactive working environment Miro bord:

You can also download the book for the event:

How to apply

We will offer our members an opportunity to subscribe for two possible starting dates: 

1. First groups will start at the mid August (apply: 
2. The second round of groups will start end august (apply: this event)

NL 2025 is a large national movement rooted in the joint belief and the shared passion to build an even better future for the Netherlands, for current and future generations. When NL2025 was established, a national survey was carried out of more than 100,000 residents in the Netherlands about the future of the country. The findings of this research were used to choose the three themes of NL2025: excellent education, sustainable growth and vigorous society. People including CEOs and leaders from the worlds of culture and science, art, business and sport (“ambassadors”) are involved on a personal level in the NL2025 movement, following the principle of “pay it forward” to build a better future for the Netherlands. NL2025 is helping to expand existing successful initiatives by bringing in knowledge, expertise and its network. For more information see:

DOON is a lean innovation agency that helps organizations to develop new products and services that generate new revenue. DOON is an enIn collaboration with our clients we create creative, entrepreneurial, lean business development teams. Together we come up with great ideas.

For all questions please reach out to