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The Millennial Game Show

25 September 2019

25 September 2019 20:00-21:30
The Student Hotel Amsterdam City Wibautstraat 129, 1091 GL Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Face your fears & dare to fail!"

What if you never find your dream job? What would happen? Aren’t we most of the time our own worst critic? Failing, quitting or saying no just does not exist in our millennial vocabulary. But don't we learn most when we do fall and dust ourselves off to try again? Life is too short to live up to the very high expectations of ourselves and the ones around us. Because eventually who has to deal with the consequences of your choices?

During this event you become a participant of our interactive game show where we will challenge you to face your insecurities, while training you to let go.

The Millennial Game Show is in collaboration with psychologist Daan Klever of Millennial Journeys

- Please note this is an external event, further details can be read upon the website of School For Millenials;

- We as ICA have 5 tickets which we make available for free for our ICA members, so if you register here please do make sure that you can attend to avoid unused tickets.

- Registration for these 5 tickets for ICA members is only necessary through this event page, so not also through the page of School For Millenials. ICA participants will be informed over emails about the tickets

- Date and time: Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 20:00 - 21:30

- Location: The Student Hotel Amsterdam City 129 Wibautstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1091 GL