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Wesley Swildens


  0623357674   president@ica.nl

My name is Wesley Swildens, 28 years old and this year I'm ICA's President. ICA represents continuous personal and professional development - by learning from others, sharing knowledge and sharing ideas. Since I truly enjoy learning new things, I am pleased to be part of this community. 

Next to ICA I'm working for LeasePlan as a Global Digital Project Manager. In this role I - together with my teams - develop and deploy innovation into LeasePlan entities all over the world. I have a passion for sports and I'm always looking for a new challenge. Since completing a full Ironman I'm looking for new sport challanges so if you have a crazy idea you can always reach out to me!


Michelle Yang

Network Manager


Hi! My name is Michelle Yang, and I am ICA's newest board member. 

I got to know ICA after joining the yearly Young Professional of the Year challenge. Although my team did not win, I really enjoyed the offline networking events and it made me realize how much I actually missed these, especially during the COVID-19 period. That's when I decided to apply for a board position in August 2021.  I am looking forward to help organize more fun and interesting (hopefully) offline events for our network members. I love to meet new inspiring people and bring them together so we can learn from each other and create new memories.

Besides the ICA board, I am a Discover Trainee at VodafoneZiggo.My biggest passion is travelling and I can't wait to discover new places soon. I'm always open to hear about traveling ideas or tips. If you have questions or if you are interested in joining our amazing ICA network as a company member, feel free to reach out to me or my colleague Mark via internalrelations@ica.nl. 

Pavan Raj

Events Manager

  0615116321   activities@ica.nl

I am Pavan, the Events Manager at ICA and Head of ICA's Activities Committee.

In my regular job, I work as a Software Test Manager at Malvern Panalytical, a market leader in the field of analytical instruments. I am specialised in testing embedded systems that are found in high-tech machines. In addition to this, I have affinity towards personality development, organizing events and meeting new people. In my leisure time, I like to engage in sports, travel abroad and cook tasty Indian food :)

In May 2020, I joined the ICA Activities Committee (AC) to broaden my professional network and improve my leadership skills. Having done a great job in the AC, I was promoted to ICA Events Manager position after 6 months. Being an expat in the Netherlands myself, I would like to promote intercultural experiences, encourage philanthropic activities and fight against depression as part of my ICA agenda.

Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or by email with your ideas for an ICA event or if you would like to join our Activities Committee!

Uliana Ivaniskaja

Special Events Manager

   +31 6 20 44 52   go@ica.nl

My name is Uliana, I am 26 years old, and I work for VodafoneZiggo as a B2B product manager in cyber security services.

Moreover, I am the Special Events board member at ICA. I joined the ICA board January 2021, and I will be responsible for our 3 special events : The Young Professionals of the Year, Olympica, and Meet The Leaders. I love organizing unique and memorable events, and together with our board we will be working on creating the best experiences for our members! During my events I love to bring people together, inspire them, and above all see them having a good time!

Currently I live in Amsterdam, however I was born in Belarus and raised in gezellige Brabant. Since then, I have lived in six different countries and traveled to many more. Moreover I love the outdoors (hiking, kiting, sailing), cooking, photography and yoga.

I hope to welcome you at one of our special events! For more information or requests feel free to add me on LinkedIn or contact me via go@ica.nl

Kind regards,



Rahul Nair



I joined the ICA board as Finance Manager in January 2020. I came to know about ICA after attending one of the workshops in 2019 and it helped me realize the value ICA brings to the young professionals. It motivated me to contribute towards the goal of professional as well as personal development of young individuals by providing a platform to connect and share knowledge.  Together with the ICA board and committees, we strive to bring professionals from across different cultures and industries together, through our various initiatives.

Furthermore, I currently work at AkzoNobel in Supply Chain Management and live in the Hague. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, I have worked in India in the engineering field. I love running, reading and playing cricket.


LinkedIn: Rahul Nair

Julia Blok

Marketing and Communications


My name is Julia, I'm 27 years old and I am the Marketing and Communications board member at ICA.

In my profession, I work as HR advisor at Coolblue. I love to seek what thrives and motivates people, and how to connect at different levels. This is also why I aspired the Marketing & Communication position at ICA. I like to give young professionals a sneakpeak within ICA's kitchen, and I like to engage with you during our events, or to communicate about them afterwards ;-). 

In my personal atmosphere, I love to cook, to have drinks with friends to travel and to go to a Yoga or Rocycle class every now and then. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding our website or social channels please hit me up at communications@ica.nl. See you soon!  

Best regards,



Mark Enthoven

Network Manager


activities committee randstad

Rita Stefanuto

  0611567254   rita.stefanuto@aon.nl

My name is Rita and I work as strategy consultant at Aon Inpoint. After having lived in several countries around the globe I decided to move to the Netherlands to start my career. In the past I volunteered with other associations to promote intercultural understanding and intergration, and I am passionate about topics such as sustainability, business development, investments and personal development. 

As member of ICA I am responsible to support the activities committee in organizing events and to help young professional to grow and expand their network. 

Feel free to share your feedback or ideas for future events with me.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rita-stefanuto 

Jori Brinkmans

Activities Committee


Danique Corine Maria Borgman

Activities Committee

  +31636542335   danique.borgman@hotmail.com

Hi! My name is Danique and I am working at Thales Hengelo as a Service Portfolio Manager. I was raised in a village in Drenthe and after finishing high school, I moved to Enschede where I started studying at the University of Twente. I am interested in civil engineering, logistics, resilience & education. 

My biggest passion is exploring the world and I have lived and travelled in different countries of all continents. Next to travelling, I like doing different sports (cycling, kickboxing, crossfit & bootcamp), trying to be creative (painting, working with wood) and trying new things like learning a new language. 

I have always enjoyed doing extra curricular activities next to my studies, so I thought it would be nice to continue doing this next to my work. I joined the ICA Activities Committee in July 2021. I am looking forward to broaden my network, organize fun activiies and connect people during inspiring events. 

You can always reach out to me! 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danique-corine-maria-borgman-52b23aa7/

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