ICA activiteit YPY2017: Setting the scene (ENG)

  • Datum 15 Maart 2017
  • Aanvang - Einde 18.30 - 22.00
  • Sluiting inschrijving 31 Januari 2017
  • Locatie T-Mobile: Waldorpstraat 60, Den Haag
  • Inloggen

On Wednesday March 15th the Young Professionals of the Year 2017 competition will kick of with the 'Setting the scene' event. This years theme for YPY 2017 is “How will you act as the future leader in Organization 4.0?“. The YPY event is all about challenging yourself, your teammates and also your competitors. Expand your professional network and develop yourself by learning, trying, getting feedback. Guest speakers, workshops, business cases. Only with your team or in a different set-up, all is possible.

This kick off event will focus on the developments around us, ongoing digitization, changes in collaboration forms and so on. Besides the content presented during this evening, the YPY2017 team will also present the exact set-up of the competition and we will finish the evening with drinks to get to know the other participants. More information can already be found on www.ypy-ica.nl.

Registration for the event is open, but only for company teams, no individual registration. If you want to join the competition, contact your Young board with your interest. They may have already enlisted or just need the third enthusiastic team member! Look forward to meeting you at the kick-off of the YPY 2017 competition!

In case of questions, just contact ypy2017@ica.nl and we will get back to you as soon as possible!










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