ICA activiteit YPY2017: Pre event (ENG)

  • Datum 12 April 2017
  • Aanvang - Einde 18.00 - 22.00
  • Sluiting inschrijving 31 Januari 2017
  • Locatie Ortec: Houtsingel 5, Zoetermeer
  • Inloggen

The YPY 2017 Pre event is the second event out of the 3 events that make up the Young Professional of the Year 2017 competition. This event is about how organizations will be affected by digitization and how are organization models already changing. Participants will get exposed to different perspectives and different visions on how organizations need to be set-up to meet tomorrows challenges.

The event starts with presentations from the speakers and finishes with a panel discussion, in which the speakers will discuss statements relevant for impact of digitization in general and for organizations and future leadership in particular. The presentations and discussions will provide the YPY 2017 participants with valuable information, get them inspired and helps them to become Future 4.0 proof and ready for the finals.

The speakers:
Amir Arooni (CIO NN Group)
As the CIO of ING Bank, Amir changed a giant organisation from waterfall to agile and devops. What can we learn from that?

Stephen Ward (Partner Deloitte Digital)
Deloitte and MIT did extensive research on learning agility of organizations. What is the true strategic assett of organisations and what does it take to be successful in the future?

Bram Jonker (Manager Innovation Deloitte Tax)
Being a true entrepeneur, Bram started several companies. He focuses on empowering the employees of companies to support innovation. How do you motivate employees to be innovative?

Professor Nyenrode Business University
To be confirmed

Please note that registration for the event is closed. In case of questions, just contact ypy2017@ica.nl and we will get back to you as soon as possible!



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